My name is Audrey Prenzel (BA, BEd, CARW, CEIC). Since I launched my firm in 2001, I’ve earned the title of Canada’s award-winning and multi-certified Career Transition Specialist.Audrey Prenzel smiling

Welcome! I am am master of helping motivated professionals to secure the positions, income, and perks they want. Uniquely, I bring the expertise and experience to market the senior-most / executive level individuals within highly specialized industries. In other words, I write, coach, and advise for industries other career practitioners call the “tough” ones. Fired? Laid off? Relax. I’m a superstar outplacement provider. I’ve written 10,000+ projects and advised thousands of people as I map out their marketing plans.


  • Tactical Canadian Résumés / CVs / Cover Letters
  • SME for Canadian Armed Forces Military Veterans (UN, NATO, NORAD, NAV CANADA, NASA & Commonwealth War Graves Commission) Résumés, Job Search Maneuvers & Interview Recce
  • Strategist for Entry / Progression for Police (RCMP, OPP, Municipal), CSIS, CBSA, Security, Firefighting, Office of the Fire Marshal
  • In Demand by Federal / Provincial Government Staff, High Commissions & Diplomats
  • “Human Calculator” for IT / High Tech / Science-related Über Geek Career Needs
  • Interview, Salary Negotiation & Street Level Job Hunting Training – all industries
  • Goof Proof Navigation of LinkedIn / Social Media Networks for Job Hunting – all industries
  • 1:1 business coach for (budding & seasoned) entrepreneurs who excel at their biz but want to make more $$$
  • Spunky / Insightful / Funny Careers Industry Authority for Media Contact, Conference Presentations & Educational Institutions (Universities / Colleges).

***Notice*** other than professionally speaking and the VERY occasional coaching session, I have retired.