What Does the Founder and President Say?

People who know me will verify that I am a straight-shooter. I call it like I see it. I want you to know where I stand, as the founder of this thriving company. With a well-earned global reputation as a leader within the careers industry, I take my responsibility very seriously. My job is to do my part to ensure you get the very best job you can.

I am committed to representing the finest attributes you have to offer in a dignified and calculated manner. After all, my résumé writing and career coaching talents have secured interviews and job offers for this country’s top intellectuals, as well as those Canadians who think that they have nothing to offer. The interview and salary negotiation training my clients receive positions them leagues ahead of the competition. Further, the success of Résumé Resources’ client base has been achieved in 30+ countries. All of the leadership appointments, awards and media attention I earn are great, but these client success stories I repeatedly hear confirm I’m at the top of my field.

I do not ask for testimonials. Personally, I find the request “cheesy”. In my opinion, if I have to ask somebody to say good things about my service, then I haven’t done a very good job. The following excerpts are some unsolicited comments my clients have sent me from across Canada, and around the world. If you have doubts whether the investment in yourself and your career plans is worth it, just read these…

Audrey Prenzel

What Exactly Do My Clients Say?

It is very uncommon to receive an immediate answer to an email written on a Sunday afternoon at 5pm. But Audrey wasted no time and immediately responded to my request for her assistance while still doing her wind sprints on the treadmill. Talk about dedication!!! Since then I have gotten to know an individual who is not only extremely dedicated to what she does but also caring for her clients and their success. With her quirky humour and tidbits of weird information she will ‘encourage’ you to stay on top of things and help you find that dream job.

She is not shy or will not play ‘politically correct’ when it comes to your well being and your success… she is the drill sergeant who will get you through Hell Week no matter what, so be prepared. But I cannot thank Audrey enough for her dedication and caring to assist me with my new career ambitions.

​A.V., Airline Executive

To be honest Audrey you scared the hell out of me once I decided to retain you. Your relentless “no nonsense” style made me reflect and think about all of the good stuff that I had to offer. You chased me when I didn’t give you the details you wanted. To your credit, I could not have come up with this material on my own. And to do this and to convert it all from military to civilian lingo is no small feat. Your mannerism is exactly what I needed for this transition.

P.A., Major-General, Canadian Air Force

Wow! Now that’s a resume. Thanks for all your hard work. I honestly couldn’t be happier. This resume will give a great deal of confidence both when applying to positions and when I get interviews. I am 100% happy with these documents. This is one of my final steps to obtaining my dream career.

M.C., Firefighter

As HMCS Regina gently berths in Manzanillo, Mexico, thought I’d pass on that the day prior to us leaving, Royal Roads University sent a letter of acceptance for the Master’s in Disaster and Emergency Management. I could not be any happier that that hurdle is out of the way. I was particularly happy with the flow that you achieved which provides quite a bit of detail for a snapshot. I also appreciate simplifying the jargon I tend to take for granted. Again Audrey, I’m extremely pleased with the results and the upgradability available once my degree is complete.

S.H., Canadian Forces Navy Officer

Hi Audrey. I would just like to say thank you for your training. I had my interview today which I thought went really well. I got a call back shortly after and was hired on by the Town of Collingwood. Thanks a lot.

E.S., By-law Officer

Your work is like magic and your résumé writing skills are phenomenal. Thank you a million.

S.Y., Police Officer

Hi Audrey…thought you might like to know that after I handed in the résumé you did for me I got a call for an interview 20 minutes later and subsequently was hired by York Regional Police as a cadet in training. I read through your interview techniques, some came in very handy, and was chosen as 1 of 25 new recruits out of 500 people interviewed. Thanks again, love the résumé.

L.L., Police Recruit

Audrey you are amazing. This is terrific – never would have been able to put it together this way for myself, and I for pete’s sake I know resumes!! It looks excellent – I don’t want to change a thing at this point. Thank you so much for doing this – please know that I will continue to recommend you – this just reminds me how important this is in a job search.

S.D., Recruiter from the UK

You are absolutely phenomenal!!! I am extremely pleased with all of the documents you have provided. As soon as I saw how you had reworded much of the experience, I was floored. I can see why you are at the top of the business… Everything that you have provided to me is great. I know that many people in Edmonton are looking at their release. I am going to recommend you to them.

Canadian Forces Army Captain

Thank you for the additional documentation and links. Also I received and enjoyed reviewing the “Women with Vision” magazines. Your service is excellent as are your tools and insights and I will be happy to pass on my personal recommendation to friends and business colleagues. Take care and thanks again!

A.M., Project Management Professional

Dear Audrey, I just wanted to drop a short note to thank you (on behalf of my husband and myself) and to let you know that he got the job with the (city name) Police Services in the Fleet and Materials Management area. This was an extensive process. He wrote a test back in November and was interviewed in early December. They proceeded with a history and reference check and finally he was called on Tuesday with the offer. They were very impressed with his résumé. I would guess that the intricate detail in his résumé was very crucial in him acquiring this job. If it weren’t for you, I would have never had prepared a resume that would have probably secured him a job.

Wife of an Ontario-based Senior Level Motor Vehicle Mechanic

Hi Audrey! Just wanted to send along the good news that your wonderful résumé that you created for me got me a job right away at Procter & Gamble as a pharma rep! I was so grateful for all that you did getting my résumé in tip top shape and it clearly paid off… I went up against over 800 people for that job.

A.C., Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Dear Audrey: I just wanted to send a BIG thank you for the work you did on my résumé. I arrived back into Canada on the 4th and since then I have had 3 job offers, 4 interviews and the prospect of the 2 more interviews to come!!! I credit so much of this to the wonderful résumé you produced…It just gets crazier and crazier. I think 6 interviews have now been offered to me in a month and a half… 2 couples I know from the UK are moving over here and if you do not mind, I thought I might give them your name and e-mail for résumé purposes. I am sure they would benefit greatly from your services and expertise.

S.P., Public Librarian

Hello Audrey: I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you. Having just re-read my overhauled cover letter and résumé, I feel like I just starred in the pilot for Extreme Makeover: Résumé Edition. I am truly thankful and impressed that you were able to transform my dilapidated trailer-park résumé into a résumé of Versailles proportions.

S.B., Senior Provincial Policy Analyst

The day after I sent the resume you did for me to Sapphire Canada I got a call from them. Went down for an interview…they think I’m a perfect candidate for their clients. Just got another call from a recruiter who found me on Workopolis. 2 positions they want me to consider, both well paying public sector jobs. I doubt my initial resume would’ve gotten these hits, so I have to thank you for the excellent work. Oh my buddy loved the resume and cover letter, if he’s ever unemployed he’s coming to you!

IT Professional, Calgary, Alberta

Dear Audrey: I want to thank you for your good work and your ability to respond to my demand within a very short period of time. I will not hesitate in the future to ask again for your expertise and to refer you to my friends and colleagues. Thanks again. I wish you all the best.

L.L., Notary Public

I can honestly say I had the silliest “eternal” grin, on my face for several minutes after opening the resume! That doesn’t happen often. I am so very pleased with the final results, and can’t imagine what I was thinking with the file I had! As you can imagine the amount of stress in my life these days, it is a wonderful “treat”, just blowing away my expectations, to say the least, to open these files.

A.C., Graphic Designer, Toronto, Ontario

Audrey…thank you so much for all of your work, not only on the Résumé but also the Cover Letter. I certainly would not have been at all able to craft such quality documents left to my own devices… Over the past week or so I have mentioned you and your service to several people. I will keep your address at close hand should I be asked for a recommendation in this area in the future.

B.R., Pharmacist

Just a new update…I am leaving for Boston on Wednesday on a yacht named Iroquois which is a 160-foot Feadship. It is absolutely beautiful! The man who owns the yacht also owns the Boston Red Sox’s! So the crew gets to go to games! I am really excited about this job.

K.F., Tourism and Hospitality Professional

Would like to say that you did a wonderful job, I have already received a call about it from an employer (the day after I sent it out). Feel that it is the résumé doing the work instead of me trying and trying but not succeeding anywhere. Nice feeling when you know you are sending out a top-notch résumé.

W.G., Process Engineer

Audrey, I just love the résumé. I am very, very pleased with it. It sounds just like me! Thanks so very much for your excellent work.

G.F., Former Military Administrative Support Clerk

WOW, I’d even hire myself. Congratulations Audrey, I think you have captured the person I was for so many years in the military. You have taken a lot of time and given a lot of personal attention to this and I greatly appreciate that.

N.G., Supply Technician – Department of National Defence

Good Morning Audrey, 6:45am!!! It’s obvious that you put in long hours! Thank you for providing me with the cover letter. It’s a brilliant piece of work. I’ll follow your instructions for setting up cover letters for “cold call” and job competitions. Also, thank you for revising my résumé. This is exactly what I need. You’ve done a terrific job and I’m very impressed with your work! I now have the tools I need to compete in today’s tough job market.

R.S., Senior Financial Analyst

I am happy I decided to have you do my résumé. I wouldn’t have a clue and it certainly wouldn’t look this good had I tried it myself. Thanks. I passed your card to a couple folks on the SCAN seminar.

D.P., Technical Instructor – Department of National Defence

Hi Audrey. You have creative way with words. It reads wonderful, and some of the tasks that I was trying to express you hit it right on the head. Thanks again, I will keep in contact. I know I will have more questions.

C.D., Mechanical Engineer

Wow!!!! It’s certainly different from what I been using in the past. I can’t believe that’s me we are talking about. I have a big ole grin on my face right now so once that wears off I will try to proof read it with out letting my ego get in the way. I would have to say that it looks pretty spartan and I can’t see where I would like to make any changes. Thanks for all the hard work and effort that you have put in and getting it done on time for me. For that I have sent you some flowers.

B.S., Senior Gas and Plant Field Operator

Hi Audrey: Wow! You sure get an early start in the morning. I am blown away. Seeing the new résumé compared to the old one I can see why I wasn’t getting any calls, I wish I had done this a year ago. Thank you for putting so much time and effort.

M.H., IT Coordinator

You did a wonderful job. I have already received a call about it from an employer (the day after I sent it out). Feel that it is the résumé doing the work instead of me trying and trying but not succeeding anywhere. Nice feeling when you know you are sending out a top-notch résumé.

W.G., Process Engineer

I am amazed with the differences you made from my profile. Thank you for your time and effort. I am completely satisfied how it looks and sounds. It is so well organized and composed. I was always just wondering why I am not getting some calls from decent places.

A.B., Manufacturing Engineer

Hi Audrey: Just like to thank you for all the time and energy that you have put into to my résumé. As of today I have had two interviews, and have been offered jobs at both, and another one the beginning of next week. THANKS again and I will be in touch to let you know my new place of employment. Thank you.

P.L., Golf Course Superintendent

If it wasn’t my name on the top I would be sure this belonged to someone else. The document is a piece of art and really should be framed!!

M.E., Materials Manager

Great work! Thank you. I am 100% HAPPY.

G.A., Senior Credit Analyst

Hi Audrey: Here is an update for you. The Chief called yesterday at noon to tell me. I got the job! I start Jan 6. Thanks for all the help with the résumé and the tips for the interview. I’ll recommend you any chance I get.

S.D., Firefighter

Audrey, in three words-YOU ARE FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for this impressive document! I could barely contain my excitement when I opened the file at my office today. Wow! I am so happy that I saw you in Breakfast Television last week. I am anxious and enthusiastic about beginning a new search for that “ideal” career opportunity. With these documents, I know I’ll be successful. You have made my day!

G.H., Senior Marketing Executive

Looks great! Yesterday I received my first call from a Vancouver recruiter. She was responding to a position I responded to on Workopolis. Her interest level sounded high.

J.O., Senior Financial Manager

The résumé looks absolutely brilliant. If I was an employer I would hire me.

S.C., Architect

Thank you, once again, for your ongoing assistance and effort. It is REALLY appreciated. The whole experience has been a lot more than I thought it would be. Your questionnaire and subsequent ‘probing’ enabled me to see myself in a new way. I feel more confident about, and have become more familiar with, the person you have encapsulated on one page. Well Done!!!

M.H., Editor

Audrey: You have done an excellent job. Simply loved the layout and the lines about my profile. With your network and contacts, I couldn’t have chosen a better person to assist me in my endeavours. Thank you once again.

G.T., IT Professional/Mechanical Engineer

When I read the résumé that you prepared compared to the one I prepared, I certainly am a much more marketable person with yours. In fact, I sound so great I think that anyone who doesn’t want me on their team just doesn’t deserve me.

W.H., Financial Professional

The quality and expertise of your résumé writing skills have proven to be extremely valuable during my job search. My customized résumé promotes my professional marketability by emphasizing my skills and experience in a polished and perfectly laid out format. Job opportunities have become available to me based on my résumé and thanks to you. I strongly and confidently recommend your services to others.

T.P., Engineering Process Improver

I can’t thank you enough for all of your help in my endeavour of a career change. The résumé you prepared for me was amazing. I’m sure that your résumé and your helpful interview techniques are 85% of the reason I got my dream job. I will certainly recommend your services to everyone I know. I will be forever grateful for everything you have done for me.

J.F., Accountant

It’s perfect!! Wow! You’re really good with words! I could never put that together! Thanks so much! You will be the first one to know when I get a job!

J.V., New Graduate

I can’t thank you enough for the fabulous job you did on my résumé and cover letter. The whole thing is precise concise and to the point. It is very pleasing to the eye and easy to read. You have made me a marketable person and I am looking forward to getting interviews for my new career change. Thanks again.

S.M., Office Administrator

Hi Audrey. Thanks to you I have accepted a position in the DR Congo working for the United Nations in a humanitarian capacity. Without your help and guidance my wish would never have come to fruition. Keep up the good work.

G.N., Operations Specialist

Hi Audrey. Thank you – I knew I was right to leave this to a professional (in Japan we say ‘omakase’).

J.R., United Nations Information & Communications Technology Advisor

Audrey, truly, you are the master of good writing! I’m very happy with the result, and I thank you for the excellent work. I enjoyed doing business with you.

Z.K., Business Analyst

Audrey this is GREAT! Thanks so much for a concise, clear resume that effectively demonstrates career progression and achievements. Again, thanks so much! I have already recommended your service to others.

K.D., MBA Candidate

Audrey absolutely loved what you have done with my résumé. Thank you… what a great package… You have been a tremendous help.

K.S., Radio Announcer

Good morning Audrey. I had a chance last night to review my résumé that you sent to me yesterday. It looks WONDERFUL!! I almost can’t believe that it is me that I am reading about!! The cover letter looks great and I love the flexibility you built into it. The format of all three pieces is so professional, I can’t wait to send it out to see what happens. Thank you again for your work and assistance. Thank you!!!

C.M., Marketing & Distribution Professional