The Advantages of Hiring Audrey Prenzel

By retaining the service of this certified, award-winning, and published professional résumé writer with multi-national experience, you are giving yourself the competitive edge to secure the interviews and land the role you want. I objectively scrutinize and pinpoint your most marketable skills and abilities, given your career target. Having worked with clients from specialized industries, challenging backgrounds, and being an internationally recognized leader, speaker and careers industry mentor also adds to the mix so keep reading…

14 Reasons to Hire Audrey Prenzel!

  1. Audrey confidently works with high profile global leaders, the geekiest of geeks, and senior-most ranking uniformed professionals.

My core clients are what we in the careers industry refer to as the tough/hard fields (e.g. engineering, high tech, former military, high profile political leaders, diplomats, and international security experts). This is a definite advantage to you, my potential client. In fact, other résumé writers and interview coaches from across Canada, and throughout the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan refer people just like you to me because they can’t help them due to lack of experience or confidence, or both.

  1. “But mine isn’t a ‘straight forward’ résumé.” I’ve heard this phrase countless times.

You may be surprised to learn that as far as I’m concerned, no résumé is ever straightforward or simple. Each one is completely customized. I do not use software templates. I use cutting edge keywords and formats to analyze each situation individually to see what works best for you.

  1. When you hire Audrey, you get Audrey.

My boutique level service means you get me, not a consultant, not a sub-contractor, and not a sales person. I’m about quality not quantity. You won’t be assigned a writer from a website with a headshot and a first name only. I do not use ghost writers as many other résumé and career coaching firms do. Personally, I would NEVER part with my hard-earned dollars to hire an online service where I didn’t see a name and a picture. I cringe when I see stock photography and reference to “we” are this and “we” are that on websites. Who cares about credentials and professional affiliations “we” have if I can’t see who “we” is? (I’ll let you ponder that.)

  1. As the song goes…I speaka your language!

I “get” what you’re talking about! Sure, I can babble in French and I’m conversant in German. Heck, I even know a few phrases in Japanese! As nice as all of that sounds, it’s really not that important. What I’m getting at is the fact that I can speak your industry language. I speak military. I speak corporate. I speak police. I speak firefighter. I speak security. I speak engineering. I speak tech. I speak science. And I speak the highest levels of government.

  1. Are you leaving the military and entering the civilian workforce?

As THE Canadian authority on military career transition, I’ll “spit shine” your military-to-civilian conversion résumé and give you the critical interview and salary negotiation training you need to secure the job you want. Individuals from all elements of the Canadian Armed Forces who are ready to hang up the uniform contact me well before their release date. These are not burger flippers. These are men and women who are hungry for well-paying leadership, technical, instructional, administrative, and trades positions. It’s time to get paid what you’re worth. As the SME, I’ve literally written the book about this (Military to Civvie Street). You can also catch me at SCAN seminars, OSSIS meetings, and MFRC presentations.

  1. Audrey helps introverts and nerds win at interviews!

Most people find it difficult to discuss or write about themselves in a positive and confident way. As nerve-racking as you may think it is, I’m an ace at making you feel confident and shine during the interview and salary negotiation phase of your career progression. If you are shy, too quiet, or you’ve been told you’re too arrogant or ramble on too much, I’ll work with you to hone your personal presentation skills to perfection! Consider me the antidote for interview-a-phobia!

  1. Audrey can help you move up in your industry or profession!

Can you do your boss’s job? Do you assume his or her duties during absences? If you can do the work of your boss, don’t you think you should be paid accordingly? It’s time to move up. The documents I write and the coaching I deliver, reflect what you can offer a new employer, and do not simply list your career history to date.

  1. Audrey can help you change careers.

Trust me to pinpoint the most pertinent transferable skills you will need in your new chosen field. I have successfully tackled everything from a mechanical engineer who wanted to hit the stage as at theatrical performer, to a publicly “disgraced” political figure who reinvented himself into a respectable not-for-profit, national fundraiser.

  1. Not many in Audrey’s field can say they work with clients who earn $200K, $300K and up to $800K per year in salary and bonuses.

If you are considering hiring another writer ask them this: how many CTO projects they have written this week with the mandate to get the client with a current salary of $250K an interview with an executive search firm that is seeking to fill an assignment at the $550K range? The top salary of a CAF (Navy) client in 2018 singed for $1M PLUS perks! <mic drop>

  1. Audrey can help you if you’ve been downsized, declared redundant, or fired.

Relax. You still have traits that can be reworked and included in a dynamic résumé and marketing action plan that will really get the hiring committees “fired up” to interview you. Note* Remember to negotiate career transition/outplacement services into your “buy-out” or termination package. Companies will pay for groups and for individuals but you may have to introduce the subject. In fact, many companies call me personally to seek my services for their exiting workers. If you are not sure how to approach your former boss/employer, I can help you with this. For those launching legal action against a former employer, talk to me BEFORE you start the process. I do this all of the time in Canada and the United States. Please ask me to email you a proposal if you have the “green light” to get coverage.

  1. Shocking news! Audrey is a real person! I actually answer my phone if I’m not coaching somebody.

I get back to you ASAP. I personally write my email messages. I even tweet my own tweets! My clients like it when they call me for an update years later and I actually remember who they are.

  • Being no stranger to the media, you’ll see and hear me in newspapers, TV, and radio. I’m not afraid to appear in videos either, as you can see here.
  • Uniquely, I’ll take the time to stop and chat with you acknowledge me out and about, regardless of which city you see me in or what you want to know. Don’t approach if I’m eating… I like my food!
  1. Audrey can help you define and structure your professional / executive brand.

What are you known for? How do you position yourself ahead of the competition? I’m known for marketing people. I partner with individuals and help them define their signature skills and career focus at the senior-most level within countless industries.

  • Want examples where my clients get the jobs they want? Here you go… Mercedes Benz, Bioniche, IBM, Dell, Telus, Bell Canada, Hewlett Packard, Bank of Tokyo, Mitsubishi, CIBC, RBC, BMO, Clarica, Manulife Financial, TD Canada Trust, AMEX, Mercer, Boeing, Husky, SAP, Lockheed Martin, RIM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Baird, Suncor, IMP, Bombardier, Charon Systems, SNC-Lavalin, MacLean Engineering, Moneris Solutions, Allstream, CompuCom, Restwell Sleep Products, Dentsply International, CCH Canadian, CSIS, CBSA, RCMP, OPP, Honda of Canada Manufacturing, Home Depot, Tech Data Canada, Computalog Technology Services Group, Calian, Magna International, Bioniche Life Sciences, Trican Well Services, Cameco, EMS-TECH, ThyssenKrupp Specialty Steels, Bruce Nuclear, Pfizer, Pratt & Whitney, Ford, GM, Vincor Canada, Faurecia, York University, University of Ottawa, Queen’s University, University of Toronto, Laurentian University, Georgian College, Loyalist College, The Federal Government of Canada, Canadian Embassies, Provincial Governments and countless Municipal Governments.
  1. Do I know everything?

Nope. Nobody does and if anybody tells you otherwise, they’re an idiot. If I’m unclear about something, I’m tenacious and curious enough to dig, hunt, peck (and hammer as some clients say) it out of you until I can represent it so those from the HR and recruitment fields understand the message you want to send to them.

  1. Utmost Confidentiality.

I do not disclose my client list to anybody ever, under any circumstances. Although I keep the documents that I prepare for you, I shred all papers and delete all other files you send to me. With a client portfolio comprised of experts from security, police, military, government, and global high tech leaders, I have safe and secure storage of all data.

  • Please understand that because I am well known, I will not acknowledge you in public unless you say “hello” first. Trust me, I’m as down-to-earth and friendly as you’re ever going to get, but I respect the privacy of my clients and never compromise the fact that if they are seen speaking with me, somebody might suspect they are on the hunt for a new role.

Are you ready? Contact Audrey now!